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Portfolio Insurance

Personalized coverage that provides a better experience at every stage

Instant quote

Discover your portfolio's risk ranking and get a quote with just one click

Cost efficient

By pooling your portfolio's risk, Portfolio Insurance can protect many positions in the wallet with a single coverage limit

Dynamic pricing

Weekly premiums are only charged for actual position value utilized within a set coverage limit


Buy a policy on one chain and get covered on multiple (currently servicing Ethereum, Polygon, Aurora, and Fantom)

Hassle-free claims

No need to file a claim

Fast payouts

You receive a payout within one week of a detected exploit

Connect Wallet

Wallet coverage protects your funds across 220+ protocols for the following:

Minting vulnerability
Flash loan attack
Trojan fake token

Proxy manipulation
Math error
Re-entry attack


How it works

Protect your funds with just a few clicks:


Connect your wallet


Set a coverage limit


Top up your balance

Connect Wallet