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Security Mining

Build secure DeFi. Manage Risks. Earn SOLACE rewards.

Protecting User's Capital Now Pays Off

Security Mining will distribute 5% of $SOLACE supply to parties seeking insurance. The upcoming Solace V2 architecture and new tokenomics focus on proper economic incentives alignment between projects, builders, investors, security auditors, and insurance underwriters, pushing DeFi into its next stage.

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The Future of DeFi. Centered around Capital Security.


Take security to the next level with insurance against a variety of risks: bugs, hacks, economic exploits, depegs, bad debts, litigation liability, etc. Take advantage of the most competitive premium rates, while boosting your users' and investors' trust.

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Vital process we hope you'll never have to go through. Yet enjoy the piece of mind knowing that you can choose either a custom claims process or Solace's vetted auditors across the industry to review your losses and process the claim, offering clarity, transparency, and confidence.

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Start off on a right foot by showing commitment to security and user protection through audits and insurance. Solace works with a wide variety of top auditors in the space and can help with audit procurement process, providing data-driven analytics, so you can focus on your product launch.

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